Pablo2Founding Partner of Biderbost, Boscán & Rochin (BB&R)

Professor at the Pontifical University Comillas (Madrid). Researcher at the Iberoamerica Studies Institute in the University of Salamanca. Member of the Governing Board of the Chamber of Commerce of Peru in Spain.

He has worked for the Argentinean Institute of Corporate Social Responsibility and for the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights. He has been a consultant for the World Bank, European Union, Inter-American Development Bank, UNESCO and International Organization for Migration. He is a member of the Jury of the Calvez Prize to the Civic Responsibility of the Social-Ecumenic Forum.

He has been Visiting Researcher at the Colegio de la Frontera Norte (Mexico) and at Nuffield College of the University of Oxford (United Kingdom). He has taught at the University of Salamanca, Pontifical University of Salamanca, University of Tübingen, Autonomous University of Baja California, Catholic University of Cordoba, Catholic University of Salta and Universidad Argentina de la Empresa. He specializes in e-government, social innovation, social responsibility and migration policies. He has a PhD in Political Science at the University of Salamanca. He has a Master's degree in Latin American Studies (University of Salamanca). He has a postgraduate course in Design and Evaluation of Public Policies by FLACSO. He has a Bachelor's degree in Political Science (Catholic University of Cordoba).


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