The Youthpass Certificate is an European recognition tool for non-formal and informal learning in youth work. For this youth exchange the focus was on one of the YouthPass methodologies: 'Learning to Learn'. This means that the youngsters were able to organise and manage their own learnings. In order to be able to apply achieved competences and experiences in ones personal, professional and social life. With Youthpass the participants of these projects can describe what they have done and show what they have learnt. The Youthpass is for projects funded by Erasmus+ Programme.


This project was develop with a focus on non-formal learning. The non-formal education is the learning which takes place through planned activities, in terms of learning objectives and learning time. Where some form of learning support is present, but which is not part of the formal education and training system. The activities and courses are planned, but are seldomly structured by conventional rhythms or curriculum subjects. They usually address specific target groups, but rarely document or assess learning outcomes or achievements in conventionally visible ways.

polc3adtica en venezuela 6EUROPEAN CITIZENSHIP

This youth exchange was implemented to strengthen the development of a critical, democratic and creative European Citizenship. In order to encourage an active social, political and cultural role to build a shared Europe. The youngsters can be regarded as Ambassadors of Europe. And in doing so, to support the implementation and quality of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission.


The experience-based learning is the the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experiences. In this regard, the youngsters had the opportunity to be the protagonists of the youth exchange, having been involved with their intellect, senses, feelings and personalities.


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